1. Trust


Always been out on my own
Some things I was never shown
Never anyone on the road
Been alone a lone wolf

Sea of faces in black masks
Shifting eyes and hearts of glass
I can’t take much more of this
Idle talk and fake bliss

Will I ever trust
Trust love
Will I ever love
I don’t know
In a world like this, if a woman like me
loves a man like you
Will I ever trust
Trust us Trust us trust love

Will I allow myself to feel?
Will I run when it gets real?
Will you be strong enough to heal?
And cut through the wall of steel?

Will I ever….
Trust love
Nobody ever
Loves….no no
Will I ever Love,
Oh no
Nobody ever trusts
Trusts love
In a world so cold..and my soul is so old
can never never ever
Will I ever love
Love love, trust us
Trust love